Turing Cloud Smart Toilet Solution Advantage

Panorama of smart toilet solution

The smart toilet system realizes the interconnection and management of the sanitary environment, squat use, smoke smell monitoring, customer evaluation, and daily necessities through the Internet of Things technology, linking all people, things, and things to a smart toilet management platform.

System structure diagram

The system connects air monitoring sensors, human monitoring sensors, passenger flow statistics, emergency buttons, unmanned display cards, face recognition paper feeders, toilet evaluators, etc. After all the collected data is displayed and analyzed through the toilet comprehensive management system, it is displayed in different terminal scenarios.

Application scenario

Scenic spot service quality

Improve the service quality of scenic spots and enhance the experience of tourists entering the toilet

Commercial complex

Reasonably guide customer diversion to avoid regional congestion

Office application

Facilitate the supervision of sanitary environment of public toilets in buildings

Transportation Hub Center

Transportation hub center, toilet management of passenger transport centers such as subway stations, railway stations, passenger stations, airports

success case

Use the Internet of Things sensor technology to create a real-time toilet sensing platform, solve the problems related to odor control, water saving and energy-saving, and humanized services in the traditional toilet service process, realize the fine management of urban toilets, and make him intelligent...

Smart toilet in Tianhetan Scenic Area, Guiyang
Oriental Begonia Wisdom Public Toilet-Face Recognition Paper Picker
Wuxi Yuantong Zen Temple Smart Toilet
Hankou Railway Station Smart Toilet
Tengger Desert Wetland Smart Travel Toilet
Smart toilet in Chengdu Fuhe Photography Park
Wuhan East Lake Liyuan Smart Toilet
Xiangyang Gulongzhong Wisdom Public Toilet
Wuchang Railway Station
Wuhuan Sports Center Smart Public Toilet
Yongtaiwen Expressway Cangnan Service Area Smart Public Toilet
Huami Yizhan Smart Toilet-Whether the toilet seat is indicated by anyone
Golden Lake Station Smart Toilet
Mount Tai
Yunnan Yingjiang National Wetland Park
Yellow Crane Tower Smart Toilet

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